A sample show how to print barcode label.

Task:     Print barcodes to Avery 5160 label.


Step 1:  Input the data for generate barcode, enter data in Excel, or use the auto sequence generate program.

Detail steps about import data from Excel

The above left picture shows enter data in Excel ---- click the "New File" button to create a blank template Excel file for input the barcode data, then click the "Refresh" button to import the data from the Excel file to this barcode software.

Note: The Excel sheet name must name as its default name "Sheet1".

The right picture shows auto generate the barcode numbers from "ABC0000001" to "ABC0000030", the barcode title is from "TITLE 01" to "TITLE 30".

Step 2:  Specify the barcode format and other parameters.

1. It is suggest to use Code 128B barcode, its size is

    smaller,  and it has better compatibility.

2. It is suggest to choose the option "Show text label"

     to add the text under the barcode, this let the barcode

     be human  readable.

Tips: Set "Stretch = No" can improve the barcode's readability.

Step 3:  Printing setup 1.

1. The "Paper" option choose "Letter", for the Avery

    label paper size is same as the Letter paper size.

2. Avery 5160 label has 3 X 10 labels on per sheet, so

    set  the Columns = 3 and Rows = 10.

Step 4:  Printing setup 2.

1. The barcode size set to 6.2 X 2.1 cm, it is less then

     the 5160 label size, for we need to Leave a little

     margin on  the edge of the label.

2. It is suggest to first print to a blank paper before

     print to the label paper, the do some adjusting on

     the printing parameters such as "Top Margin",

     "Left Margin", etc.

Step 5:  Printing setup 3.

1. When click the "Print Label"

     button, a form will display,

     you can do some advance

     printing setup.

2. You can set different print

     quantity for each barcode.

3. You can set to print on part of

     the paper.

Other Feature:  Insert barcode to Word or Excel file, then do advance editing and then print on Word and Excel.

1. Avery label has Word format template file, you can

    download from Avery website.

2. You can make the template file by yourself, maybe

     this is more match your requirement, and you can

     also add other content you need to the template,

     the template can be Excel and Word format.

1. The template has grid, it maybe has blank grid row or

     column, it is for the need for format editing, so you

     need to specify how many blank rows and columns

     on the template, the program will not insert barcode

     to these row and column.



You can also download Barcode Generator Software on CNET, click this link: 



>> Barcode Since their invention more than 50 years ago, barcode have been enablers for accurate data capture, the rapid movement of goods, and all types of automation. Whether at the Point-of-Sale, in a hospital, or in a manufacturing environment these little black and white images deliver incredible value.

>> There are many different bar code symbologies, or languages. Each symbology has its own rules for encoding characters (e.g., letter, number, punctuation), printing, decoding requirements, and error checking.

>> Barcode symbologies differ both in the way they represent data and in the type of data they can encode: some encode numbers; others encode numbers, letters, and a few punctuation characters; still others offer encodation of the 128 or 256 ASCII character sets. Recently unveiled symbologies include options to encode characters in any language as well as specialized data types.

>> Barcode in common use are covered by international standards. International standards also cover print quality measurements and equipment.

Bar code technology standards define:

*** Rules for representing data in an optically readable format,

*** Rules and techniques for printing or marking,

*** Reading and decoding techniques,

*** Rules for measuring the quality of printed/marked symbols