New Feature of:  Barcode Generator - Professional Edition

1. Bulk QR Code Label Printing.

Input data in Excel, then print bulk QR Code labels. For a QR Code can contain up to 4296 characters, a QR Code can contain all the contents of the multiple barcodes of traditional label, so you only need to scan one time to collect multiple sets of information to the computer, this will greatly improve work efficiency.

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Design label with multiple barcodes + Texts + Logo

2. Professional edition has more options for design the barcode label, can print more complex label format.
3: Professional edition can make QR Code which has multiple group data:

4: Professional edition can print complex format label.

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Common features of the standard and professional edition.


1. Generate sequence barcode number, add check digit, export to Excel.

2. Print complex format barcode labels.

2. Set multiple font format for each line text.

3. Automatic calculate the barcode width and height.

4. Predefine a variety of common used label templates.

5. Enter barcode data in an ease to use grid.

6. Bulk enter the barcode data by sequence and enum, etc.

7. Serial number builder for Excel.

8. Screen shot of this program's main form.


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